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Private Charters Available This Weekend!

Offshore Fishing Charters Leaving From Boca Raton. Jigging & Trolling & Bottom Fishing

We Offer Private & Shared SPJ Instructional Trips.

If you are looking to catch big fish you have come to the right place. We have the best service, equipment and prices around.

We offer guided offshore private fishing charters leaving from Boca Raton including the boat, gas, equipment, licenses and extras.

We specialize in trolling large spreads and Slow Pitch Jigging. We also offer bottom fishing for beginners and young children.

We are one of the only private charters around offering Slow Pitch Jigging. We provide Accurate BV2-500N SPJ reels and Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000 and 4000. We also have a huge assortment of JYG ProFishing Jigs

For anyone new to Slow Pitch Jigging check out our Slow Pitch Jigging page. Lessons for beginners are included.

Daisy our boat has state of the art electronics, Garmin solid state Doppler radar, GPS chart plotters, SXM satellite weather and Airmar deep sonar and Autopilot. We can handle up to 6 plus the captain and mate. We have Tiagra 50's, 30's and 20's for trolling. 4500 to 8500 spinners for casting and also included are Tanacom 1000 electrics for deep dropping up to 2000' on request. We offer a large assortment of terminal tackle, planers, jigs and teasers, and specialize in big fish!

You will be picked up at the boat ramp at Lake Boca right next to the Boca Raton Hotel and Resort. We are 5 minutes out to the ocean and about 7 miles to the western edge of the Gulf stream.


You can pick your type of fishing whether its Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, Tilefish, Grouper, Snapper or something else. You can pick your fishing depth and location or we can suggest one of many spots.

Not for the weak! Jigging at 800' for Golden Tile is HOT now!

We include the boat and gas, rods, terminal tackle, gas, ice fishing licenses and captain. If you want live bait you can pick it up ahead of time, we have 2 livewells.

If you are looking for something different just let us know and we can figure it out, we are very flexible. This is a private charter so we can do what you want.

The captain will be driving and helping you with fishing and cleaning your catch. All you need to do is bring your refreshments and have fun. Private charters starting at $400.

USCG licensed Captain/Master and we will provide all state and federal fishing licenses.

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Offshore Fishing Charters Leaving From Boca Raton

A Little About Us And The Services We Offer

Hi my name is Jordan and we can custom design your fishing trip any way you want or you can tell us what you have in mind.

I have a lifetime of fishing and boating experience and I am also a USCG licensed captain and master. I have designed and outfitted many boats over the years including my latest Daisy. If you are looking for help give me a call or send me an email.

We offer private charters on our boat or help on your boat if you are just getting started and need some ideas on fishing, rigging, electronics and gear. We can even bring gear on your boat and mate during your trip.

TOURNAMENT WINS 2022 Jig Battle 3rd place overall and 2nd place Heaviest Reef Donkey

4 hour charters offer a choice of near shore trolling and jigging or offshore trolling or offshore deepdropping depending on conditions.

5 and 6 hour charters offer a mix of near shore trolling and jigging and offshore trolling and offshore deepdropping depending on conditions.

Jordan Schleider - USCG Captain And Master
EJS Fishing Charters -
561-447-7148 -
600 E Palmetto Park Rd Boca Raton FL 33432

We offer boat transports around South Florida and the Bahamas

Intercoastal cruises are available with pickup from the Boca Raton Hotel

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  • Slow Pitch Jigging School, Slow Pitch Jigging classes, Slow Pitch Jigging lessons, Slow Pitch Jigging instructions
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Slow Pitch Jigging Basics

  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Jigs
  • Hooks
  • Braid
  • Leader
  • Knots
  • Concepts
  • Stance
  • Jigging
  • Dropping
  • Setting The Hook
  • Fighting
  • Scope
  • Feeling The Bite
  • Retrieving
  • Alternative Setups

Rod selection

Light weight 6' sized to the jigs. Spiral wrapped is important to keep from getting tip-wrapped. Most rods are rated PE 1-6 this is an example from 1 munufacturer
PE 1 30 – 100G
PE 2 80G -220G
PE 3 120G – 320G
PE 4 160G – 430G
PE 5 400g – 700G
PE 6 400g – 1000G


Shimano Ocea Jiggers and Accurate BV SPJ N's are two of the leaders in the field. According to the spec the Accurate is more powerful and lighter, but the numbers may not be as important as how the reels fit in your hand and the amount of use. Most of the time I am using 20 pound braid or less so is 30 pounds of drag needed?


Weight matters, and so does shape. Color not so much but glow is good. I choose my jigs based on current and depth. I want to get to the bottom as fast and vertically as possible. A big fat jig that floats longer might look tasty to a fish, but if you can't get it in front of the target what good is it.


Size appropriate for the jig and the fish. I like a bigger hook when fishing for pelagics. The reason is that they do not alway swollow the jig. Much of the time they try to cut the jig in half and the hookup is not as clean. The bigger hook allows for the difference.


Depth and not the size of fish should determine braid. Being able to cut vertically through the water is one of the most important parts of slow pitch jigging. Metered colors are great as your skill level increases and you can count the colors and target fish at all depths. I like the lighter blue color. It allows me to see what the braid is doing on the surface, which in turn keeps me from tip-wrapping and helps me see the strike.


Length as long as the fish plus an extra couple of feet. The main reason is to keep the fish off the braid. I use 20’ of leader because I am looking for really big fish, LOL. Actually I cut to change jigs vs tie once with the set of hooks and change jig without hooks.


Only a small line to line knots work because of the size of the guides. The goto knot a double UNI won't work. The Alberto catches every drop. The FG catches every retrieval. The PR is perfect this is the only knot you should be using. Once you get it you wont tie anything else. It works and doesn’t break.


Slow Pitch Jigging is like a cat playing with a string. It's a dying baitfish, think of the goldfish in your tank. It's an easy meal, like someone offering you a slice of pizza while you are watching TV. It's a reaction strike. Keep it moving Keep it vertical.


The first thing you will need to learn how to do is stand on the boat without holding on. Sounds easy right? It's not always and you will need you hands for other things. Hand position during jigging, dropping and fighting is precise. It takes time to master this but when you get it you will be able to jig longer and manage bigger fish.


There are many different variations but if you think about a tea bag in the cup you are right on the money. Lift and let it settle on its own


You will need to learn to control the speed of the drop so the jig does not turn. Turning creates excess scope. This is done by feel, slight thumb pressure on the spool.

Setting The Hook

Reel, Reel, Reel, Reel, did I say REEL! Don't lift the rod and try to set the hook.


Think of the expression "tight lines" during the retrieval. Speed not power is critical. You are only using 20 pound braid, you can only put so much heat on the fish.


Scope is bad. Jigging is a vertical form of fishing and the more scope (angle) you have in the line the less effective the technique is. Scope is the distance the jig moves away from the boat while in the water. Think about a triangle with you being the top point and the location directly below you being the bottom point and the actual location of the jig being the third point in the triangle or scope.

Feeling The Bite

This is the hardest part. I should say I don't feel anything. That's the bite.


Unless you see fish on the sonar at a specific depth I don't come straight up. I use a 10/10 formula that I vary based on scope and depth. 10 jigs 10 turns that way you are covering different water depth and not wasting the trip up.

Alternate Setup

Everyone asks, can I use my spinner or baitcaster. You can jig with anything and it will work to a certain extent. With spinners you can't control the drop. With baitcasters there is no leverage on the fight.

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Deposits & Waivers

If you have booked a fishing charter you will need to make a deposit please use the link below and also sign the waiver.
All deposits are non-refundable unless there is a NOAA declared weather concern the day of your trip. You may reschedule your trip up to 14 days before without a penalty if there is availability. We reserve the right to canceled with a full refund anytime. No shows will be responsible for entire cost of the trip.

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