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Types Of Fish We See Off Shore In South Florida

Jigging for AmberJack Barracuda Slow Pitch Jigging for Black Grouper Blue Marlin Blue Marlin
Cobia Gag Grouper Goliath Grouper Hogfish Jack Creville
King Mackerel Trolling for Mahi Mangrove Snapper Mutton Snapper Permit
Red Snapper Sailfish Snook Swordfish Tarpon
Trolling for Tuna Trolling for Wahoo Yellowtail Snapper    

We offer charters from Miami to Palm Beach. Some of our specialties are Off-Shore trolling and Slow Pitch Jigging. Our home ports of Boca Raton and Pompano beach have some of the best reefs for Slow Pitch Jigging in the South Florida area. If you are interested in trolling for big game fish we have the ideal location leaving from Hillsboro inlet or Boca inlet we can be in deep productive waters in just a few minutes.

Tips & Tricks Videos from YouTube

Here are a few of my favorite videos. Some of these are homemade and some are from other people.

The bridle planer video is very useful if you are fishing with planers and are not interested in handlining the last fifty to one hundred feet to get to your fish. It took me a few times watching the video, but after a while I managed to get it down to a science. I can pump out 4 new bridles with planer loops and shock leader in about an hour. I also make bridles for swordfishing and outrigger trolling without planer loops. Many charter fishing boats still handline, but inline planer fishing with bridles are really the way to go.
These videos show how to make the windon leaders with Dacron and needles. There is also a link to Florida Sports Fishing and Captain Mike. I love to watch him fish. He gets so excited and he really is right on with his tips. I would recommend watching as many of his videos as you have time to watch. There are also a few videos I shot while swimming if you are interested.
The last 3 are weather related. Wunderground Miami radar, Boca Offshore forecast, and the Boca Inlet cam which comes in handy. I hope you enjoy them.