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Slow Pitch Jigging is a relatively new form of fishing in the jigging category. It was developed in Japan and has moved over to the US in the past few years and is taking off because of its deadliness and ease on the muscles (IMO) compared to speed jigging. Its rapidly becoming my favorite form of fishing. To learn a little more about it see my Slow Pitch Jigging page.


Trolling is one of my favorite method of fishing. Trolling is moving through the water at speeds from 2 or 3 knots up to 15 knots with lines dragging behind us. We troll as many as 9 lines and it allows us to cover a lot of ground fast, as well as a wide variety of species including Mahi Mahi, tunas, kingfish, wahoo on more. I can run up to two #8 planers down 50 feet off the transom and 6 lines on my outriggers on the surface with feathers or chuggers skipping across the waves and teasers on either side of the boat plus a shotgun down the centerline all at the same time. If we hook up to a few Mahi we can stop and try to pick off the entire school. I have trolling feather, chuggers, islanders, squids, deepdivers, and any other type of trolling lure you can think of in all colors. I always keep fresh Bonita strips on the boat to add the presentation. Sometime when we troll we hook into 5 or more big fish at once. If this doesn't wake you up nothing will. The sound of a couple of Shimano Tiagra 50 wides going off sounds like a motorcycle taking off full throttle from a light.


If reef fishing is what you are looking for, I can set you up. I keep 4 spinning reels and a huge assortment of jigs and hooks and lead on board. We can stop and drift or anchor up the boat and chumming the water or fish the bottom. There are reef and wrecks all over from 50 feet deep to 200 feet all within a few miles of the dock. With our SONAR and chartplotters its easy to spot the targets like snapper, grouper, amberjack, and a wide range of other reef-dwelling fish. This is always fun for young kids because its faster pace and more a hands-on approach with this style of fishing.


Fishing with kites is a great way to target Sailfish right as the wind picks up and turns from the North. Our Sailfish charters can be a great learning experience for anyone wanting to sample a new and exciting form of fishing. We head out with livewells full and kites ready to fly.


Deep dropping for the huge Golden Tilefish and Rosies at 800 feet can be a little boring but pulling up a monster from the deep can also be thrilling. Blueline Tilefish at 450 feet are a great option for those looking to get meat in the boat. This is called grocery shopping and we can be bringing in 2 and 3 five-pound fish at a time. And Tilefish are good to eat. Many people say they taste like lobster. Deep dropping utilizes rigs with numerous hooks attached to electric reels and heavy weights. This is performed at depths ranging from 400 to 1000+ feet. For bait I keep plenty of squid on the boat and we cut up the small Rosies to add to the feast. The only requirement is calm water and lighter current. Sometimes we even pickup a big Grouper.